Friday, 15 January 2016

How year 8 are using the laser cutter in Product Design

With the introduction of the laser cutter last summer, the year 8 Product Design scheme of work has had an overhaul this year so that this new technology could be included in the curriculum.

So, year 8 students are now designing and making unique and high-quality acrylic phone holders!

They are sketching ideas, modelling from card, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to draw their ideas on 2D Design software, using Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) via the laser cutter to engrave and cut out the acrylic, and finally bending their models into 3D working products using the strip heater! The results have been absolutely fantastic - here is an example of one piece of work from start to finish:

Sketching ideas:

Making card model to scale:

Using CAD to draw the final design:

Using the laser cutter and strip heater to manufacture final product:

Here are some other fantastic examples of phone holders designed by year 8 students:


We look forward to seeing what wonderful designs the other year 8 groups come up with in Product Design this year!