Thursday 17 November 2022

Career chocolatier - Personal development day for some of our Year 7 pupils involved making 2 different flavour chocolates and the boxes to package them in. The pupils were able to show off some of the skills acquired in DT and gain an understanding of how production lines and quality control are used within the food industry.
The outcomes were fantastic and good fun was had by all!



One half of the year 10 product design students have completed a series of metalwork projects. These have included aluminium sand casting to make paper weights and pewter casting in different shapes. The students have also created copper pendants using various processes including work hardening, annealing and polishing. Great work, well done!

Thursday 14 July 2022

During personal development week year 8 & 9 pupils created some brilliant mobile phone holders out of PDF with the use of scroll saws and pyrography tools. Some also created acrylic key rings!

In food during personal development week pupils were set the task of making dishes using only ambient ingredients and items we had left in the fridge. The 'create a dish from left overs' task went down well and pupils used their own initiative so create some very tasty food.

Here is some of the amazing work created in the art textiles workshop during personal development week. 

All pupils worked incredibly hard which is reflected in the outcomes. Well done everyone!!!